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I just saw Equestria Girls and it was better then what I thought it would be. I didn't think it was going to suck, but I didn't think it was going to be awesome. And it was AWESOME!!!
 I think the best thing about the movie (at least for me) is seeing the backgound ponies as humans in... well the background. We all know that Vinyl Scratch, Photo Finish, and the Cutie Mark Chronicles are in it because of the trailer, but there`s more BG ponies In the movie and everyone of them got my atension. But I was disappointed to fine out that Bon Bon and Lyra are not in this. How does that happen?! Two of the must popular BG ponies In the fandom and they don't make it into the spinoff movie! Now I'll never know what they'll look like as humans! Alright, enough of my rant about Bon Bon and Lyra, let's talk about the animation.
The animation was just as good if not better then the show...... that's really all I have to say about the animation.
One thing I don't really understand is that before the movie alot of people was saying that Equestria Girls was going to be the worst thing ever, and they were acting like this was somehow going to destroy the fandom. Well I can tell you that it's not going to destroy the fandom, if anything it's going to expend it. In the movie the Main Six acts like themselves, their still the lovable ponies that we all fell in love with. Fluttershy is a animal lover, Applejack is an honest worker, Rarity is into fashion, Rainbow Dash is into sports, and Pinkie Pie is... Pinkie Pie. So really nothing has changed, their just humans. So for those bronies who are worried about Equestria Girls destroying the fandom(of course I being sarcastic because that's just a redicuse idea), you have nothing to fear, Equestria Girls is AWESOME!
One more thing to say. Whether she's a pony or a human, Fluttershy is still the cutest damn thing EVER! Fluttershy FTW!!!


Todd Wright
United States
I love Dragons, and when I say "love" I mean LOVE!!!:D

Sonic, Metroid(I mean Samus), Sly Cooper, Spyro, Okami, and 50 other video games I love. Oh... and God of War.

And I love to draw furries(which are aniaml peopie, just so you know).

Current Residence: Blue, small house
Favourite genre of music: Rock n' Roll!!!
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Fluttershy! She's so cute!
Personal Quote: "Do not worry about on that you can not contol." ;)

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